Activities within our Memories Workshops


We aim to provide a varied range of activities within our Memories Workshops. Below we have taken the opportunity to provide a little more information about some of the activities that we incorporate throughout the day.   

Flexercise and Yoga

What is Flexercise?

Sessions regularly take place in our Memories Workshops. 

Flexercise promotes mental health and well-being through regular, chair based activity.

The benefits of being active with Flexercise include:
  • aiding the health of the heart and lungs
  • helping participants to relax
  • improving the flexibility of the joints and preventing stiffness
  • improving self-confidence and a sense of wellbeing.
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Our Silent Disco, Silence is Golden

For many people living with dementia, music is a powerful key that can unlock distant memories.

Frustration and distress are common feelings experienced by those suffering from the effects of dementia, but our Silent Discos are a fun and engaging way of stimulating and settling our clients. As the name suggests, a Silent Disco incorporates all the elements of a regular disco – music, dancing and lots of laughter – with the difference being that the records are played through wireless headphones, rather than booming loudspeakers. 

The use of the headphones provides a more immersive experience for our clients, allowing them to focus solely on the music and how it makes them feel… dancing is not obligatory, but highly encouraged!

Extensive research has proved the power of music can help those with dementia to recollect distant memories and feelings, even if only momentarily.  Feedback has shown that, whilst agitation and frustration can be common among dementia sufferers, after a session with the Silent Disco, they become far more settled.


Reminiscing, Unlocking the Past

At Heads Up, we have memorabilia from times gone by, covering many decades.  Since, with dementia, older memories tend to be retained, we have found that our clients really appreciate the value of being listened to and sharing memories, singing along to favourite music and even enjoying a dance.


Our Woodcraft Workshop is open to our Memories clients. Quite often the opportunity to rekindle old skills and to be in a workshop environment is embraced. 

Some Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits of Woodworking:

It improves the heart, lowering blood pressure and is a great way to relieve yourself of stress…. 

It strengthens the body….

It helps prevent future illnesses…. 

It improves the mind…. 

It encourages you to be social. 



We often have poetry and storytelling sessions within the Memories Workshop. Reading poems aloud – or shared reading – can have a significant impact on residents’ mood, concentration and social interaction.

Music Therapy

We have regular Music Therapy sessions within the Memories Workshops, some of which are funded by Wells Dementia Action Alliance. These are always popular with clients singing along and using the percussion instruments.

There are many benefits of Music Therapy such as:

Music therapy reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress….

It improves healing….

It can help manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease….

Music therapy reduces anxiety and depression and helps maintain speech and language….

It helps to reduce symptoms of psychological disorders including schizophrenia.



Our Memories Workshop benefits from weekly Tai-Chi sessions. Tai-Chi has a wealth of benefits and is particularly enjoyed in our Memories workshops. Tai-Chi can improve mood, sleep and cognition in older adults.

“I have peace of mind when my husband attends Heads Up. I know he’s happy there and well cared for. He looks forward to going, enjoys the activities and thrives on the attention he receives. His wicked sense of humour is noted and for a while he becomes like the man I married – well done Heads Up!”