Future’s Bright

Course Leader: Mandy Loxton

Our ‘Futures Bright’ programme is custom-made for each participant and follows a 12-week path to a healthier outlook. Mandy ensures that each individual is encouraged to learn the importance of taking self-responsibility, whilst providing essential guidance and networking opportunities.

We believe that having the right support and a positive mental attitude leads to a bright future, and we are here to offer that. Our courses have resulted in successful employment offers and educational applications, whilst giving many the chance to lead a more fulfilled life within their community.

Please give us a ring, or send an email for details of our next course.

This programme provides opportunities for:
  • Individual and group learning
  • Group discussion
  • Exploration of the '5 Ways to Wellbeing'
  • Researching Community Opportunities
  • Individuals to explore thoughts and feelings associated with confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem
  • Individuals to plan and set goals
  • Creative activities
Heads Up Image
Heads Up Image
Heads Up Image

“My time here has helped change my behaviour. I can control my anger better now.”