What Professionals Say

“I have been involved with Heads Up since its infancy up until the amazing service it provides today. As the manager of West Mendip Community Mental Health Team, I actively encouraged service users to use the many therapeutic activities and workshops available at Heads Up, as the service they provide is second to none in Somerset and more than replaced what was available for people who had ongoing mental health needs who required some kind of day services.

Heads Up is dynamic and person-centred to meet the needs of those who have ongoing mental health needs.

I am now a trustee for Heads Up and have a specific interest in carers’ issues, having been one, and realise how difficult it is for anyone who is a full time carer to access help and how Heads Up is able to help this specific group of people.”

Carolle Skeates (Qualified Mental Health Nurse, retired)


“It is hard to quantify the importance and benefits that Heads Up plays in the lives of these who are fortunate enough to be able to make use of the great services that it offers.  I know, from speaking to many of its service users,that they feel valued, welcomed and supported by the Heads Up team, that it offers them a non judgemental and supportive environment and the therapeutic benefits that come from the opportunities that they have to participate in its services.  One specific service user who participates in gardening projects told me “it is the highlight of my week, really helps me in managing my low mood and being physically active is really important.  The best part is sitting having a cup of team looking at the fruits of our labour!

Meaningful participation in day time activities can be an essential aspects of an individuals recovery toward mental wellbeing and I can think of no finer example of community enterprise than Heads Up.”

Mark Sloman (Social Worker)


“Just a brief comment regarding Heads Up as a local resource. People in our service who do attend universally speak of its merits. It clearly has a sense of direction alongside the lines of recovery and is much different in its mindset from similar schemes of previous generations in this sense.

It also provides a forum for people to establish relationships which I feel is particularly valuable for people with mental health problems who are so often marginalised in their communities.”  

Alan Tabram (Social Worker)


“Until last month I was the Team Manager for (Mental Health) Recovery Services within Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. I have been aware of Heads Up for around 3 years.

Heads Up have grown to be a significant partner and asset to us locally in supporting adults with Mental Health Issues. Large numbers of people who are affected by major mental health problems find it difficult to return to normal life e.g work, being socially active and productive.

Heads Up provide an important bridge for those people to build confidence, learn new skills and recover a quality of life. They do this by providing structured activities in a safe environment with tailored levels of support for each individual.

Many of the clients that we refer to Heads Up would not be able to access other services and have lived very limited lives as a result, in some cases for many years.

Heads Up have helped those individuals rebuild their lives in achievable steps. The atmosphere at Heads Up is warm, welcoming and supportive. Bridget and her team are full of enthusiasm and commitment. They hold hope and aspiration for people who sometimes are unable to hold much hope for themselves.

I believe that Heads Up now support around 80 individuals each week. They have built links with local colleges, Adult education and employers that have helped them to move people on to the next step of their recovery.

We are very fortunate to have Heads Up local to us in Wells and we would be very much the poorer if for any reason they were not able to carry on developing their work locally.”  

Colin Nash (Social Worker, AMHP Lead Somerset East)