What Our Volunteers Say

“I am looking to study medicine and wanted more of an insight into the care and occupational therapy provided to those experiencing mental health problems and dementia. I was given a friendly show around whilst being told the roles, responsibilities and activities. I felt very welcomed and included. I was able to join in with most activities and it did make me feel like I was part of the group. I have gained more of an understanding of dementia and how to deal with people suffering from it, also I have been able to observe occupational therapy and see how this helps people with mental health problems. I enjoyed my time at Heads Up and my expectations became exceeded when I was shown the variety of activities given and the effort that the staff and volunteers go to, to make the clients experience as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. I would like to thankyou all for how welcomed you have made me feel. I have enjoyed my experience and definitely learnt a lot. Thankyou for this amazing opportunity.”

Curtis, Heads Up Student Work Experience Placement

“Heads Up has a wonderful, welcoming environment for both its clients and volunteers. There is a real sense of community and everyone looks out for each other”



“Heads Up is a unique organisation. I have been a volunteer here for just over 3 years. I have personally learnt a great deal which has helped me to be able to give support to the clients.

Heads Up offers workshops and support in a safe, caring and non judgemental environment”



“I have been living with mental illness since I was 18. I am now 49 so it has been a long and painful journey. Without the support of family and friends and mental health services, I would be dead, as at times in my life the pain of depression nearly destroyed me. 2013 was a difficult year for me, I started feeling very vulnerable and became very isolated. At times I felt totally useless and hopeless and was haunted with thoughts of suicide again. My family and mental health professionals supported me through 2013 and never gave up on me. When I started to feel ‘human’ again, they encouraged me to try and get out and do ‘stuff’ for myself. I met Bridget Harvey many years ago and have always admired her passion and energy for supporting people living with mental health issues. I came to Heads Up in the autumn of 2013 as I was interested in volunteering. When I walked into this beautiful place I felt very vulnerable and had zero confidence. Bridget spent time with me and helped me to start believing in myself again. I have been coming to Heads Up weekly since then to volunteer and feel that it has greatly improved my quality of life.”