What Our Clients Say

“Before coming to Heads Up I spent most of my time in my home only seeing someone once a week, as I was not able to get about due to my mobility difficulties. I enjoy coming to Heads Up as I like being around people and feel included in conversation. I feel that I have made friendships and this has helped my confidence and also I look forward to coming each week. I have learnt to work with clay and am looking forward to doing gardening in the summer.”

“I have been coming to Heads Up for approx. 2 months. It is very nice to have company and as I am reducing my medication in a controlled way, it is useful to have someone in charge of things. I feel I can relax here and keep my mind occupied with various tasks.”

“Heads Up is a life-line to me. Without Heads Up I would be isolated. As I live by myself I would have no contact with people. Heads Up has brought myself out of my shell. Being a shy person I find social things difficult. I feel safe and am increasing in confidence.”

“I have particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in the pottery room. Staff are always encouraging. I’ve had the opportunity to develop my skills with no pressure. I feel so fulfilled; my self-worth has definitely grown due to the ‘no pressure’ approach to pottery.”

“I have learnt how to use glazes in pottery in ways which produce the effect I want. I’ve learnt new techniques and which colours are my favourite. The course has motivated me to make some positive actions – I have bought my own kiln and sell my pottery in a café.”

“I have particularly enjoyed being part of the Heads Up society. Feeling welcome in a relaxed but focused environment. I feel happy to have a creative outlet and explore my artistic abilities. I feel like I am improving, which builds my self-confidence. This course has motivated me to prepare to show my work in an exhibition. This is very exciting. It is nice to have structure in my life, and dedicated to come twice a week every week.”

“On the pottery course I have particularly enjoyed having time just for ME in my life. A space for me to be creative which in very healing , company of like minded people, where I can be myself however rough I’m feeling. The most valuable skills I have learnt are: continuity , patience, tolerance of myself and others.”

“The pottery course has made me make some positive changes and actions in my life: prioritising this time as very important in my life as healing creative TIME for ME and my mental health.”